Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Steve and Pete sit on a couch in an empty living room.

Steve:  So...uh...what are we doing tonight?
Pete:  Hmm.


Steve:  Exactly.
Pete:  Exactly.

Steve stands - paces.

Steve:  What time is it?
Pete: Hmm.
Steve:  Yeah, that's what I'm saying.

Pete stands, then sits.

Pete:  What are you going to do?


Steve:  Hmm.
Pete:  You should do nothing.
Steve: I should...(long pause) do something.

Steve sits.

Steve:  I'll sit.
Pete:  And?
Steve:  I'll sit and wait.

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Anonymous said...

How very Godot. I dig it. I'll follow you, see what you do with the next thing. I got your blog info from @ebarlean21. Pretty new to the whole blog/twitter thing.