Sunday, October 19, 2008

blogging about blogging about blogging

There are many ways to begin.

Here are some examples:

-I used to have a blog that I was quite dedicated to and I missed that feeling - I know no one is going to read this, but I just wanted a place to write random thoughts and intense musings.

I did a few things here.  I used the “I have so much to say but no where to say it” and the wanted my fellow 20 something to relate by using the words “random” and “intense”.

-Life, the waves of the ocean crash on the beaches of my path.  It erases the footsteps of where I’ve been, but makes fresh the sand I approach.  The clouds part, I weep for days gone by and days to come.

Disconnected metaphorical nothingness speech to invoke emotion from the reader.

-I hate blogs - I don’t even know why I’m writing this.  I hate my life. 

Fake cry for help - reveals that I really read thousands of blogs every night.

Mostly I guess I’m just going with the writing about what I’m going to write or not write on my blog rather than actually write something - it’s a very Sabadosian (you can’t make up words to give yourself your own genre - well to you I say, I didn’t coin the term) thing to do.

I have titled this blog - The Next Thing

Mainly because I had an idea for a physical newsletter/magazine/something titled - The Next Thing -  that I was going to mail to people and this was going to be the companion blog (it’s still going to happen - don’t worry)

And because often on my list of things to do - this will be the next thing on the list - never the first, never the last.

Have a nice day.

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